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Data Center Mexico


132.3 Million

Internet Users

85 Million


Smartphone Ownership (with internet)


Consumers that shop online

46 Million


eCommerce Revenue

17.6 Billion USD

Gaming Facts

There are 53.7 million gamers in Mexico, that is 40% of the population (El Universal, 2018)

Games Revenue - 1.58 billion USD

Data Center Mexico

  • Intel Xeon Servers
  • Fiber Entries for International connectivity
  • Platinum Quality bandwidth delivered to your location
  • Network cross-connections optimised to suit your needs
Cloud Server VPS Server
Dedicated Hosting


We have the latest hardware for guaranteed high performance at the best price.

Additional IP addresses

You can associate up to 2048 for your dedicated server 100% clean and ready to use.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Truxgo Dedicated has an Unlimited Bandwidth Incoming and Outcoming.

Full-Root And Shell Access (SSH)

You have a total access to the root where you can create virtualizations, Complex Databases and More.


Server Ram Hard Disk IPV4 Price Order
Dedicated Server - XEON E3-1230 4GB RAM 250GB SSD 5 IPS 67.50$/month Purchase Now
Dedicated Server - INTEL ATOM C2750 8GB RAM 1 TB SATA 1 IP 75$/month Purchase Now
Dedicated Server - INTEL XEON X3470 12GB RAM 1TB SATA 32 IPS/27 160$/month Purchase Now
Dedicated Server - INTEL XEON E3-1230-V2 16GB RAM 1TB SATA 512 IPS/23 1300$/month Purchase Now
Dedicated Server - DUAL INTEL XEON L5630 16GB RAM 1TB SATA 1024 IPS/23 1900$/month Purchase Now

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