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100 MB to 500 GB Speed Port.

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Only SSD Storage.

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Select your favourite magento hosting!

Magento hosting plan

  • $25.00USD/month

    Better price for entry level.

    Basic plan
    • 1GB Storage
    • unlimited Bandwidth / Monthly
    • unlimited Domain Hosted Support
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  • $100.00USD/month

    Better price for entry level.

    Business plan
    • 10GB Storage
    • unlimited Bandwidth / Monthly
    • unlimited Domain Hosted Support
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  • Solid State Drives (SSDs)

    With SSDs, your website, caching, and database queries are faster (200% faster than HDDs by our calculations).

  • Free SSL Certificate

    Every website hosted at Truxgo is given a free SSL certificate.

  • Panel Tools

    Manage your customers and your products with the tools offered by your panel.

    • Scalable Bandwidth

      We provide adequate bandwidth for each and every shared hosting accounts. But, of course, we are certain your website is scalable so there are easy upgrade options dependent on the increase of visitors to your website.

    • Scalability

      Start with what you need and move to more powerful options as your website grows. Our custom technology lets you upgrade in just a few clicks.

    • Performance

      Speed and quality are paramount in terms of hosting your website and you want the best out there. truxgo commits to delivering excellence 24/7 in order to amplify your success. You will certainly profit from our cutting-edge hardware and technology.

  • 1 GB

    Network Speed Port

    100 MB

    Speed Port

    Our web hosting has 100 MB for speed port and supports 1 GB if necessary.

  • Security

    Our tried and tested security management system ensures that your data remains safe and private and that you always have access to your IT systems.

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    Real Help & Friendly

    Our well-trained data center technicians will be happy to provide you with expert and personal support around the clock via Chat and email.

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    Popular Web Application

    Create your site in different ways without any limitation with truxgo.

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  • Easy To Use

    Get your site up and running in mere minutes - no technical knowledge required. With Magento you don't need to be an expert programmer to have your online store operating immediately.

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    Panel Features

    • Publish a online store
    • Create & offer products
    • Monitor your visits
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    Panel Features

    • Manage your customers

Installed software

With 24/7/365 management by the Truxgo team, you'll never need to worry about OS maintenance.

  • E-Commerce
  • Secure
  • Certificated

Magento Features

SSD Storage

20x faster than standard SATA disk drives, we provide all new virtual private servers with high performance SSD hard drives.

DDOS Protection

Magento hosting Servers have 250 Mbps / 250K PPS - Free.

Unlimited 24/7 Support

Our expert Technical Support team is on standby to diagnose and solve any issues you encounter. No question is too basic or complex.

cPanel support

Our hosting services includes full Panel support, the most easiest and intuitive interface to manage yor web space.

Unlimited Databases

You can create as much databases as you need, there is no limit on your website requirements.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Magento has an Unlimited Bandwidth Incoming and Outcoming.

Unlimited domains

You won't have any limits as how many domains you would like to link to your web space.

SSL Certificate included

Your website will be https/secure-browsing ready, as the Secure Socket Layer certificate is fully implemented in our hosting services.

VPS - Eighteen Locations to Choose From

Dallas, Los Angeles, Japan, Bulgaria, Egypt, Korea, France, Germany, Miami, Turkey, Mexico, Chicago, Sweden, Greece, United Kingdom, Netherlands, India and Singapore, and we accept Bitcoin, paysafecard, Paypal and 850 more Payment Methods.

12 Superb Uses of Dedicated Servers

  • Email Marketing Servers
  • Game Servers Hosting
  • Vo-ip Servers Hosting
  • MassData Company Servers
  • Web Designers or Web Hosting Company
  • Backup Storage Servers
  • Database Hosting Services
  • Application Hosting Services
  • VPN Hosting Services
  • Video Streaming Servers
  • Social Networks Servers
  • VPS Virtualization Services


We have the latest hardware for guaranteed high performance at the best price.

Additional IP addresses

You can associate up to 2048 for your dedicated server 100% clean and ready to use.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Truxgo Dedicated has an Unlimited Bandwidth Incoming and Outcoming.

Full-Root And Shell Access (SSH)

You have a total access to the root where you can create virtualizations, Complex Databases and More.


Server Ram Hard Disk IPV4 Price Order
Dedicated Server - INTEL XEON E3-1230-V2 4GB RAM 250GB SSD 16 IPS/28 68$/month Purchase Now
Dedicated Server - INTEL XEON E3-1230-V2 4GB RAM 250GB SSD 32 IPS/27 84$/month Purchase Now
Dedicated Server - INTEL XEON E3-1230-V2 8GB RAM 250GB SSD 64 IPS/26 148$/month Purchase Now
Dedicated Server - INTEL XEON E3-1230-V2 8GB RAM 250GB SSD 256 IPS/24 450$/month Purchase Now
Dedicated Server - INTEL XEON E3-1230-V2 8GB RAM 250GB SSD 512 IPS/23 800$/month Purchase Now
Dedicated Server - INTEL XEON E3-1230-V2 8GB RAM 250GB SSD 1024 IPS/22 1200$/month Purchase Now

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