Today, we will talk about a malware which was discovered by the cyber risk intelligence company Cyble, Borat is a somewhat more advanced malware than the standard ones, which makes it easier for threat actors to implement ransomware and Denial of Attacks. Distributed Service (DDoS). The functionality of carrying out this type of attack -DDoS- increases its level of danger, especially for companies that operate digitally.

This malware helps cyber criminals gain complete control of a victim’s system, allowing them to access network resources, files, and power toggle mouse and keyboard. Notably, this threat goes beyond standard features and allows threat actors to deploy ransomware and DDoS attacks. It also increases the number of threat actors that can launch attacks, sometimes appealing to the lowest common denominator. The added functionality of carrying out DDoS attacks makes it a risk for today’s digital organizations.

Cybercriminals typically use emails, hacked software download pages and other unreliable sources to download files and programs, fake updates or Trojans to distribute this malware as they seek to trick unsuspecting users into executing this threat.

Your emails contain malicious links or attachments. In most cases, such emails are disguised as official/urgent/important emails from banks, government institutions or other entities. Examples of files attackers use to deliver malware are Microsoft Office, PDF documents, executables, JavaScript files, archives like ZIP, RAR so be very careful what you open and download.

Businesses need to take security precautions to prevent employees from letting in these kinds of threats. For this, it is necessary to create a plan of good practices that includes the actions to follow when using removable drives in computer equipment, or when opening emails and more importantly because these types of threats almost always target organizations since they can reap benefits from them.

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