Ficker is a malicious information thief that a threat actor sells and distributes on underground Russian online forums using the alias @ficker. This Malware-as-a-Service was first discovered on the Web in mid-2020. The main objective of the malware is to steal various types of personal data related to the victim’s web browsers, credit card information, crypto wallets, FTP clients, and various applications. The threat is also capable of anti-scan checks, and can implement more functions to download additional malware once the system is breached.

We may be also interested to know that this threat uses the malware-as-a-service model and that in terms of spread, Ficker uses Trojan web links and compromised websites, redirecting potential victims to pages that offer free downloads of legitimate paid services such as Spotify. and YouTube Premium. In addition to these attraction techniques, the malware also uses the well-known Hancitor malware downloader on infected systems.

Also, it is worth mentioning that Ficker is encoded in the Rust Programming Language, which is a multi-paradigm, high-level, general-purpose programming language designed for performance and security, especially secure concurrency.

Another problem is that Ficker offers several paid packages to more cybercriminals who want to use it for malicious purposes, which has different levels of subscription fees to use its malicious program. Once the malware subscription is purchased, the malware author provides a web-based dashboard to the buyer to collect and examine the information stolen from the victims, as well as the data thief’s own executable, which is why this threat may It will grow over time, and we must take steps to protect ourselves from this kind of threat.

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