Systems exposed to the Internet, from the most basic use such as consulting web pages or working with an email solution, are essential in almost any company. However, due to improper use or lack of preventive mechanisms, they may be putting your business information at risk. Taking advantage of sandboxing techniques can be especially useful to avoid attacks from unknown programs and processes on the network and in reality many people do not know what this is and that is why we will see what it is.

The term Sandbox or Sandboxing, as the name implies, refers to a “sandbox” or a controlled environment. We all know those sandboxes where parents let their children play with their toys. They are safe places where the sand protects them from blows and where they can have fun isolated from the dangers of the outside. Based on this concept, cybersecurity experts thought that a good way to protect machines from viruses was to isolate them in a “sandbox”, that is, isolate the program infected with a computer virus from the rest of the system so that the virus do not spread.

When we execute a program in a delimited virtual space, we are not giving the application access to the rest of the sensitive resources of the equipment. In this way, it prevents threats such as ransomware or other malware from putting the security and continuity of our business at risk. If after the execution in this “sandbox” malicious purposes were detected, the execution in the real environment would be automatically blocked and thus system resources would not be compromised, since it is isolated.

Programs like Adobe Reader use this tactic to open PDF documents that could run malicious code. And we also find Sandboxing in applications such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer that isolate browsing tabs and web pages to prevent them from trying to download some problematic software to our devices or access the information on our hard drive without permission.

With this technology, companies improve their security and at the same time generate protection techniques that later end up reaching programs and devices for general consumption, protecting the rest of the users in their homes.

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