This may have happened to all of us, you are on the Internet when a page appears on your computer saying that your browser needs to be updated. The page seems very convincing, but the reality is that it is false and dangerous and although many of us already know this, there are many people who still do not know what Fake Updates are.

In this “Fake Updates” scheme, sophisticated hackers copy the designs of legitimate websites to persuade people to download malware disguised as a browser update. Malware infects your computer, leaving it and your personal information vulnerable to a wide variety of additional security threats.

These threats camouflage themselves in updates and installation packages which are essential items for browsing. When in doubt about whether it is necessary to download the update or what this message shows you, we must have two things clear.

The first is that normally browsing the Internet we will not see pop-up windows with updates. But it will be the browser itself through a Windows notification or within its updates section as it will notify us. And, secondly, you have to check the version that is supposedly going to be installed, and check if it matches a version that is later than the one you have installed, because many times the version number doesn’t make any sense.

We must be careful with these threats since they can affect us a lot and if we have a good antivirus we can be more calm.

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