Remcos is a Remote Access Trojan, a malware used to take remote control of infected PCs. This Trojan is created and sold to customers by a “business” called Breaking Security.

Although Breaking Security promises that the program is only available to those who intend to use it for legal purposes, in reality, Remcos RAT provides customers with all the necessary features to launch potentially destructive attacks.

You have to know that Remcos RAT is distributed through emails. In the last identified campaign, the impersonation of the City National Bank (CNB) financial institution was observed, in order to notify the user that they must make their payment, in addition, they attach an Excel-type file that is protected by a password, which is indicated in the body of the email.

For obvious reasons, emails that have dubious precedence should not be accessed and distrusting them will always be the best thing to prevent further damage to our security.

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