WhiteSnake is a malicious software program that targets computers and steals personal information. The creators of WhiteSnake offer their product on a hacker forum, with prices ranging from $120 for a month of access to $1500 for lifetime access. WhiteSnake can be installed on Windows and Linux operating systems and is designed to extract sensitive data such as passwords, cookies, credit card numbers, and screenshots.

The malware specifically targets popular web browsers, including Brave-Browser, Chromium, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. Additionally, it can steal files from Atomic, Bitcoin, Coinomi, Electrum, Exodus, and Guarda crypto wallets, as well as browser extensions connected to those wallets.

This threat also extracts session information from messaging applications such as Discord, Pidgin, Steam or Telegram, as well as email clients such as Thunderbird or FTP clients such as FileZilla.

If your anti-malware program identifies WhiteSnake Stealer, you should treat it quickly, as it is harmful even if it is a generic Trojan. Unless your computer has a malware removal application, seeing the Trojan could be quite difficult.

If the contamination isn’t noticed right away, by the time it is, your information could be stolen, files taken hostage, or even deleted.

If you have a tendency to open spam emails, browse harmful websites or download pirated content from various sites, your questionable browsing habits probably led to the infection so you should change those harmful tendencies.

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