Vidar is a Trojan frequently used by cybercriminals and this program steals personal data from some users who have their computers made with this virus. Vidar is primarily distributed via the Fallout exploit kit; however, there could be other forms not yet known.

Cybercriminals using this tool to steal IP addresses, browsing history, cryptocurrency wallets, saved passwords, messaging app files, etc. Vidar internal options. One option allows Vidar to infect computers with the GandCrab 5.0.4 hijacker however, this depends on the malware vendor used.

In general, Trojans like Vidar go unnoticed, operating silently without victims noticing their presence. Having a computer carried out by this kind of malicious programs could lead to various privacy issues, data loss, as well as other financial issues. If you suspect that your computer is damaged by Vidar, it is extremely important that you remove it immediately or seek professional help.

This type of threat is usually distributed via malvertising campaigns, whereby hackers lure innocent users to click on URLs or pop-up ads that redirect to malicious websites and of course Fallout exploit kit is also another tactic used by hackers to proliferate Vidar Stealer like sabras. To invade targeted computers, this kit uses various exploits that target the Internet Explorer browser and Flash Player.

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