Having the home Wi-Fi Router correctly configured is not only about optimizing it to offer better performance, which it is, but about making it really safe and that is something that is extremely easy to carry out even if some tedious but, this is necessary.

We must bear in mind that content of all kinds travels through our network. Personal data, identities, bank details, very appealing content for any friend of others and we already know it. Information is power and your data, my data, the neighbor’s data are worth a lot in the illegal markets. Remember that if someone accesses your router, they may have the possibility of accessing the devices that you have connected to your network.

Tips to improve the security of your Wi-Fi Router

▸Change username and password

We’ve said it many times before, companies often set extraordinarily basic usernames and passwords precisely to allow technicians easy access when needed, the first step is to establish your own username and password.

▸Update the firmware

The router has a set of operating instructions and tools stored on a memory chip inside the device. Firmware updates are quite stable and therefore infrequent, but it is convenient to update them because it is not known how long the router has been on the operator’s shelves. In addition, there are exploits and vulnerabilities that arise in the firmware of the router.

▸Disable remote access to the router

A lot of home users do not need this feature that allows access to the router from any point with Internet access. Since the router not only functions as the brains of the home network management, but also as a firewall, remote access can be another open door for third parties to gain full access to the home network.

▸Change SSID

The SSID is the name that our network receives, what we see when we search for networks from, for example, the mobile phone. Manufacturers generally assign a name by default. It is highly recommended to change it to avoid programs that snoop on networks.

▸Guest Access and Parental Control

It is a fact that someone who visits your home asks you for the Wi-Fi password to connect their own device. If you cannot refuse but want to continue to have control of your network, guest mode is ideal because it sets up a kind of sub-network with its own SSID and password, without access to your main network.

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