Jokeroo Ransomware is a RaaS that first appeared as a variant of GandCrab Ransomware. Its developers changed its name to Jokeroo and began promoting it as RaaS. Other cyber criminals are buying this Ransomware, creating custom versions and distributing it to extort money from victims.

Jokeroo is classified by our malware study group as the newest ransomware infection. Some antivirus programs currently discover it, however, there are certain applications that prevent it and allow its invasion. Users have referred to calling it that, due to the expansion, which includes at the end of its files. The ransomware tool invades your computer system with cunning and finesse. Then once they enter, they spread their corruption. They use encryption formulas to protect your files.

After Jokeroo sneaks into your system, it puts all your data under lockdown. Attach your own expansion at the end, making it difficult to reach. And also, no data can escape its reach. It targets documents, files, images, music, videos, etc. Basically affects all files, and relocating the documents, or relabeling them, will not help.

According to Jokeroo, the only way to free your documents is with a special decryption secret. And, to get it, you have to pay ransom money. The amount varies, and is normally requested in Bitcoin. However, various other cryptocurrencies are also an option. But don’t take the word of cybercriminals. These are untrustworthy people with destructive programs. Don’t pay them a penny. Do not call them or follow their demands.

How does Jokeroo spread?

Jokeroo can spread its infection through other distribution methods. These may include:

▸Exploitation kits

▸Spam email campaigns

▸Infected Network File Sharing Services

▸Compressed Java Script attachments

▸Fake Sites and Social Networks

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