Today, security and privacy have become a huge factor in the midst of the many privacy breaches we are faced with by governments and malicious individuals seeking to steal our data and privacy that’s why we see some Linux distributions that are focused on security.

In the midst of so much news about hacking personal data, and espionage, we have to look for other alternatives and tools that really provide us with safe browsing without putting our privacy at risk. Also, with the debates that major operating systems on the market like Windows are not secure, Linux-based systems are gaining more and more space in the operating system market.

Linux distributions based on Security

One of the main characteristics of Linux distributions is protection and concern for the privacy of its users. Because it is an open source system, it is easier for experts to modify the system according to the needs of each user and that is why we suggest some of these:


Whonix is ​​a Debian-based GNU / Linux distribution with a focus on security and privacy. Its main objective is to guarantee privacy, security and anonymity when accessing the internet.

Booting an operating system in live mode can be a hassle, as the machine needs to be rebooted, but in turn, installing on a hard drive means that there is always the risk of the machine being compromised. However, Whonix offers ingenious and smart protection by being designed to work as a virtual machine within VirtualBox.

▸Linux Kodachi

The Linux Kodachi operating system is based on Debian 8.5, and provides an anonymous and secure operating system, taking into account all the resources that a user who cares about privacy needs. Kodachi is an operating system that allows you to start any computer from a DVD, USB stick or SD card. It is intended to preserve your anonymity and privacy.


This Linux distribution became very famous in the world of technology, after being recommended by the former NSA security adviser and today a fugitive from the US government, Edward Snowden. Tails is a live distribution that aims to preserve your anonymity and privacy. It helps to use the internet anonymously and avoid being censored in practically any place and from any computer, leaving no trace, unless you explicitly ask to do so.

This operating system is intended to be used from a USB memory, DVD or SD card, and works independently of the PC operating system. It is based on Debian GNU / Linux and is free software.

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